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$1 slices everyday from 12-4



Cooking with Greece PMQ June/July

Welcome to Baco's Pizza! Located at 410 Enfield Street, Baco's Pizza serves up Enfield's best pizza pies. At Baco's Pizza, we commit to using the best ingredients for our products. This quality can be seen in products such as our vine ripened tomato sauce, and our 100% whole milk mozzarella. Our Philosophy is keep the recipe simple and focus on quality. Baco's Pizza is proud of its long tradition of serving Enfield's pizza lovers since 1995.

Pleased to report that, after driving by this rather non descript place for the first 3 months that I have lived in the area, I finally took a shot at Baco's as I continue my search for decent pizza. Red Rose? Over rated. Frankie and Johhnies? Fugeddaboudit.. The Pizza Guy? Nice brick oven. Questionable execution. Pizza Palace (Enfield)? Decent greek style pizza, but WAY too greasy. Baco's follows the greek theme, with a nice crust but far less grease, and sausage with a little kick. I will continue my pizza pilgrimage, but will defintiely return (often).

They make the best greek pizza with fresh ingredients. Generous amounts of toppings on pizzas. Must try!


Sunday & Monday 11am-9pm
Tuesday-Saturday 11am-10pm
last order taken 20 minutes before closing!

Baco's Pizza Inc.
410 Enfield Street
Enfield, CT 06082

Note to all our customers:
There is a $1 PCI-Non Compliance Fee charge for all credit card phone orders.

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